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Painting by Halves

Choosing the perfect feature wall colour can be a gruelling decision – you narrow it down from 10 to 5, 5 to 2 and then you’re stumped for weeks!  But why choose?  Take inspiration from the interiors below and embrace the two toned wall.

This trend works particularly well in federation style homes with decorative mouldings or picture rails already in place.  Simply use this as the divide and work colour on either side up to the ceiling. 

If you have a more contemporary home, the opportunities are endless.  Consider the height of the furniture in your space before picking where to draw the line – try to go a little above the majority of furniture in your room.  If it’s a small space you’re working with, paint the lighter of the two colours on the top half – this will visually add height to your room. Stick to a brights paired back with neutrals, rather than bright on bright, or try a tonal approach

Beth F

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