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There is something hopelessly beautiful about sitting in something born from utility but made with love, consideration and passion. In many ways the chair distils this best. Here is my list of chairs which continues to intrigue and excite me.

Prouve Standard
This chair does everything by not doing anything at all. The thickened rear leg to avoid buckling under the weight of a reclining student, the directness of bent steel and plywood. There are no tricks here, I think that’s why I love it so much.

Thonet Le Corbusier
My first Bentwood chair! With all the pragmatism of the original thonet with some unexpected flair from the great Le Corbusier, I can’t help but sit and consider how many wool jacketed arms and leather elbow patches have leaned against similar arm rests since the 1920’s. Full of nostalgia and just a bit too serious to let its hair down this chair is still a beautiful relic.

Cherner Dining Chair
Thonet meets Eames and multiplied by just a bit of madness. The cherner dining chair is absolute beauty, it is passion and sexiness and lust and femininity. It bends in impossible ways and reveals its plywood grain just enough to let you know it’s still just a chair. Sitting in this chair is like sitting with a super model who just wants to be a ‘real’ person.

Wegner Wishbone Chair
This for me is an encapsulation of all things Danish. Clear, concise and crafted. There is joy here but you must accept it slowly and carefully. More a chair for drinking Chamomile then English breakfast I take my wishbone chairs in a patch of sun in a quiet room.

Pinnstol (Swedish Windsor) Chair
The temptation of lustful curves, sweet veneers and rattan fall aside of the pinnstol. Beautiful in its directness, assuring in its robustness, this is the chair for a family when the fear of banged cutlery is all too paralysing. This is my dining chair any day of the week surrounded by greasy fingered children and a platter of smoked herring!!



Sydney, Australia

Jeremy Bull

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