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Design Field Notes- Saintly Design, LondonDesign Field Notes- Saintly Design, LondonDesign Field Notes- Saintly Design, LondonDesign Field Notes- Saintly Design, LondonDesign Field Notes- Saintly Design, London

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Saintly Design: London

On my recent travels back to Blighty, during a retail therapy London marathon, I stumbled across on Regent Street and thought is should be heralded as an iconic shop fit out, quite different from conventional rag trade museums.

  is a British High Street Retailer which produces clothing aimed towards progressive/ fashion-forward niche market.  The store design has a powerful grunge gone glam, rock ‘n’ roll style; the perfect setting to exhibit their style of men’s and women’s wear. Coggs, cotton reels, old printing presses, looms and vintage Singer sewing machines give it the effect of vintage market stalls. Very suitable for a store named after a road in the infamous boho-chic market area of Notting Hill. I spotted some cool furniture pieces like the deep seated leather and nailed steel armchairs, similar to Uocmas’s own Aviator Tomcat Chair and swivel stool/ side table the Rockwell Round.

 Established in 1994 All Saints take pride in their independent, non corporate image and the “rock ‘n’ roll look is perfectly suited for their long standing collaboration with and supporting the music industry. , , , and were amongst the first artists to work with the brand. Their website is a good showcase for emerging British talent too.

 The clothes are certainly not to everyone’s taste especially not if you’re a fan of colour! Its edgy clothing rails are awash with muted tones, black, beige and grey. It’s specialty is the distressed look and the clothes look well worn in.  So I would say this store is a must see particularly if you want to marvel at the floor to ceiling Singer sewing machines and have a penchant for industrial chic. Go easy on the credit card, it’s not cheap but worth every penny if you want to look like you’ve either stepped out of a music video or if you’re a fairly bland celebrity wanting a route to instant edge.

Get a similar industrial look at Uocmas. Contact your nearest store for more information.

(From Left to Right) Armchair– Aviator Tomcat, Light– Condor, Stools– Barballs, Side Table– Lolita, Sofa– St James Contemporary Fleamarket, Dining Table– Roth, Dining Chair– Retro, Side Table– Rockwell Round End Table, Trunk– Portman Spitfire, Coffee Table– Miami Draftsman. All from Uocmas.


London, UK



Photography by Natalia Higgins.

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