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Drosophila females have two types of internal sperm storage organs. Spermathecae - a pair of long-term sperm storage and seminal receptacle - a short term storage. The seminal receptacle is an elongated closed end tubular structure.

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Females mate with several males and can even store the sperm from such liaisons in special receptacles for future use. While a green male will stick by and defend a female until she is ready to mate—which she signals by turning bright red and sticking out a flashing red oviduct—a sneaker male will swim up to any female at any time, lock tentacles, and deposit a capsule of sperm into a storage area next to her mouth. This organ, known as the seminal receptacle, is used by the females expressly to deal with the sperm from sneaker males.

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Peter, Minnesota The Drosophila seminal fluid protein SFP sex peptide SP elicits numerous post-mating responses, including increased egg laying and decreased sexual receptivity, in the mated female. Unlike other SFPs, which are detectable in mated females for only a few hours post mating, SP is maintained—and its effects are sustained—for several days.

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Metrics details. Sperm cells are the target of strong sexual selection that may drive changes in sperm structure and function to maximize fertilisation success. Sperm evolution is regarded to be one of the major consequences of sperm competition in polyandrous species, however it can also be driven by adaptation to the environmental conditions at the site of fertilization. Strong stabilizing selection limits intra-specific variation, and therefore polymorphism, among fertile sperm eusperm.

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Spermatozoa released by males should remain viable until fertilization. Hence, sperm longevity is governed by intrinsic and environmental factors in accordance with the male mating strategy. However, whether intraspecific variation of insemination modes can impact sperm longevity remains to be elucidated.

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Shauna J. Oh, David G. Relying on known laboratory molting and presumed mating, we characterized temporal changes in proximal sperm plugs of female C.

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Female sperm storage is a biological process and often a type of sexual selection in which sperm cells transferred to a female during mating are temporarily retained within a specific part of the reproductive tract before the oocyteor egg, is fertilized. The site of storage is variable among different animal taxa and ranges from structures that appear to function solely for sperm retention, such as insect spermatheca [1] and bird sperm storage tubules bird anatomy[2] [3] to more general regions of the reproductive tract enriched with receptors to which sperm associate before fertilization, such as the caudal portion of the cow oviduct containing sperm-associating annexins. It has several documented biological functions including:.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content. Hoving and William F. Gilly Published in Reviews in Fish Biology and….

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It is deposited by a male into a female genital tract, such as the vagina, and later hardens into a plug or glues the tract together. The mating plug plays an important role in sperm competition and may serve as an alternative and more advantageous strategy to active mate guarding. In some species, such a passive mate-guarding strategy may reduce selection on large male size.

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Females of all species belonging to the family Drosophilidae have two kinds of sperm-storage organs: paired spherical spermathecae and a single elongate tubular seminal receptacle. We examined species belonging to the genus Drosophila and closely allied genera and describe variation in female sperm-storage organ use and morphology. The macroevolutionary pattern of organ dysfunction and morphological divergence suggests that ancestrally both kinds of organs stored sperm.


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