Adult wearing braces

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If you are an adult with crooked teeth, you probably have some questions about adult braces : How much do braces cost for adults? Are there any free braces programs for adults? Due to the cost of braces, are the before and after results worth it?

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Special Offers. When you have braces on teeth, those teeth need extra attention to protect them from decay, staining and gum disease. You should also take precautions to avoid damaging the braces.

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Ideally, human teeth would line up as neatly as the keys on a piano. Unfortunately, many people must contend with crooked teeth, crowded smiles, or poorly aligned bites. These problems raise more than cosmetic concerns.

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Do you hate them to the point of avoiding bright lipstick, laughing, talking and smiling without lifting your hand up to cover your mouth? Me too, and so like hundreds of other UK adults, I have traded the indignity of a crooked smile for the indignity of wearing an adult brace. However, when it comes to my own wonky smile, I am less forgiving. And so after my teeth started to revert back to their original cemetery-esque positions years after already enduring fixed-brackets braces as a teenager, I decided to brave a second orthodontic brace.

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In subsequent work, Jones demonstrated the important relationship between beauty standards and the development of dentistry in 18th-century Paris. One of the great dates in dentistry seems of continued importance for the pursuit of the beautiful smile: when were braces for straightening teeth invented? I started thinking about dental braces because it seems to me that they started appearing everywhere on adults.

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Has your dentist recommended braces for healthier teeth or a better bite? At Mortenson Family Dental, more adults than ever before are choosing them. Healthy teeth can be moved at almost any age.

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But how long do adults need to wear braces for and are treatment times different compared to children? Just like teenagers, adults want to know how long their treatment will take. Every case is unique and treatment could take from several months to three years.

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To begin, I got totally screwed over in the dental genes department. I was born with a pretty severe overbite and a mouth that was too small. My bottom teeth were a mess: crooked and out of line. I was a model patient for eager orthodontists.

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Fix my smile. Even though many people associate wearing braces with being a teenager, the fact is that more and more adults are choosing to have orthodontic treatment. This is simply not true.

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Braces aren't just for teenagers. No matter your age, it's never too late to improve your dental health and beautify your smile. About 1 million Americans and Canadians over the age of 18 wear braces. As a result, general dentists today are more familiar with potential concerns and special needs of their adult patients.


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