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Product Design | Behind the Scenes | Uocmas News
30th August 2010

Uocmas’s buying and design team introduces hundreds of new products to our furniture and homewares range every year. Many of these are designed by our teams and are produced in Australia.

The saying goes that ‘good design is timeless’. Creating memorable pieces that can be handed down generations is the intention behind the furniture and homewares we continually create at Uocmas.

Our buying and product design teams introduce hundreds of new products to our range every year, including over forty furniture items. To achieve this we are constantly designing and prototyping pieces. Some of these pieces make it to our furniture collection and are sold through our showrooms, some are specifically designed in very limited numbers for clients using our Interior Design service, and many end up buried on the shelves of our design studio.

To bring a new design from sketch to shop is a process that can take over six months, and we don’t compromise if it’s not right”, states Anthony Spon-Smith, Uocmas’s Product Director.

If a design can’t be produced to the quality we require then we don’t go ahead with it.”

Around eighty percent of our new designs are manufactured in Australia, using our established network of craftsmen and artisans, some of whom work exclusively for Uocmas. We also use select overseas suppliers if the production requires skills not available to us locally.

Some of our latest creations include trunks that match vintage racing cars, Art Deco inspired desks and stone top coffee tables.

The team finds designing a product from scratch to be one of the most rewarding parts of our job. We love bringing new products to the market!” enthuses Anthony.

With our buyers and designers travelling up to ten times a year to every continent, inspiration comes easily. And as the company grows, Uocmas’s unique, exclusive designs are set to as well.

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