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Toledo Blade — via Google News Archive.

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In general, Canadian Hustler imitates the appearance and tone of its American counterpart, with Canadian content added.

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This magazine is not owned by Larry Flynt, but is licensed to publish material from the American version.

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Hustler's Larry Flynt Offers Casey Anthony $500,000 For Nude Spread

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However, as of , reform in the feature has yet to be seen.

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Following Flynt's alleged religious conversion, he introduced "Chester the Protector", a reincarnation of the molester character who served as a hero to protect young girls from rape and seduction.

Description: Hustler , a family attempted to sue Hustler for the suicide of their fourteen-year-old boy on the basis that its illustrations stimulated violence. Hustler has had what would be considered a left-wing liberal editorial policy on economics , foreign policy , and social issues.

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