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I never let him Cum in her though, he pulls out and cums on me so she then has to lick me clean.

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Tyler titled his head back and gently placed his hand, on the top of my head, cutely reminding me that I still had a job to do.

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I tilted my head to the side and planted a soft, warm, wet, sweet kiss on the side of his hard shaft.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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He was now cheating on his girlfriend and I on my husband, but I had no idea where he wanted this to end.

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Description: I started sucking his cock seductively and paused to lushly kiss and flick my tongue all over his head.

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  1. This scene would've been so much better had they not had a whole conversation the entire scene like wtf smh - stfu

  2. every now and then he makes some really good scenes