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I talk through the process of finding the right time and location, selecting campsites, preparing some tools to maintain your nightvision, and using an app to figure out stars and constellations more easily.

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Soviet Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev stuck in space during the collapse of the Soviet Union in Unable to return home, he ended up having to stay in space until further notice.

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The light that we observe comes from the accelerated, heated matter around it, which must emit electromagnetic radiation.

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Listen to hear more about what the life of an as

Description: The Soviet Union had fractured into 15 nations, presidents had changed, and even his hometown of Leningrad had become St. Not enough people in the real world listened to my stories about my recent stargazing adventure, so I distilled my process and plans so that the process of selecting a site and using a stargazing app seems more attainable for those who have never

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