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They then scoop the opponent's near leg with their other arm and lift the opponent up, flip the opponent upside down, and then either kneel or sit down, driving the opponent down to the mat on their neck.

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Mixed Wrestling- Muscle Legs Hard Headscissor Crushing Head

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The move is performed with the wrestler's legs scissored around the opponent's head, dragging the opponent into a forced forward somersault as the wrestler falls to the mat.

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The DDT is a move innovated by Jake "The Snake" Roberts and performed by putting the opponent's head underneath the attacker's arm in a front facelock and then falling back, driving the opponent's head into the mat.

Description: From this point, the wrestler lifts the opponent up while holding them from both legs, and then falls backwards, throwing the opponent face-first into the mat. This technique gives its name to the schoolboy bump and is performed when the wrestler gets behind their opponent, drops down to their knees, puts their hand through the opponent's legs, hooking the opponent's hips, and pulls backwards.

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