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In the interest of happy litter boxes everywhere, we asked Dr. Jean Hofve, holistic veterinarian, author and founder of the site, Little Big Catto talk to me about cat butts. Here are some things Dr.

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A dog's anal glands or anal sacs are situated either side of their bottom anus. The fluid inside has a potent smell that is unique to your dog so it is great for marking territory and giving lots of personal information to other dogs. Most dogs never have an issue with these powerful little sacs and will never need their anal glands emptying but if your dog scoots their bum along the floor or smells a bit fishy, they may have an issue with their anal glands.

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Here's the question:. A question about ass-play: I think my partner might want it, and I am a little skeeved out by the idea of licking his asshole. It is a total double standard, because I love when he licks mine.

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Ass eating. Butt munching. Biting the peach.

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Toby, a 9 year old beagle, was smearing brownish, disgusting, smelly goo all over the carpet and the couch. In addition to dragging his butt on the floor and furniture, Toby was constantly licking his behind. The entire house was a smelly mess.

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Whenever dogs sit down and start licking their butts, it is usually a signal that the bottom area feels painful or itchy. The cause of irritation around the anal region in your dogs can be varied, but all of them require you to schedule a trip to the vet to reduce that discomfort. Read on below and discover the top reasons why dogs lick their butts.

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Our anal glands are swollen. From time to time, some dogs need to have their anal glands expressed at the Vet. As you can guess, yelling is really not going to work here.

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When your pooch sits and licks at his buttocks, it means that the area is either itchy or painful to him. There are many possible causes for irritation of the anal area in your canine companion, all of which require a visit to the veterinarian for treatment of Rover's discomfort. One of the main reasons a dog licks at his buttocks is that his anal glands have become impacted or infected. Rover may also scoot along the ground to help scratch the area because of the itching caused by the impacted glands.

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They seem to serve no purpose to the health of a dog other than marking and identification. They tag his body and his feces as belonging to him. Dogs drag their rears along the ground because of itching or pain around the anal area.

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