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Sitting on the floor might be easier than sitting on a chair or bed for some children.

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A good way to teach your child how to get dressed is to break down each task into small steps and teach her the last step first.

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A big advantage of this approach is that often the most rewarding thing about a task is getting it finished — and your child gets to this reward sooner when he can do the last step first.

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Undress stockings

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For example, you could break down the steps for putting on shorts like this: Face shorts the right way.

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You can start to include your older baby or toddler in getting dressed by giving him a limited choice of clothes , and naming them as you put them on him.

Description: You can keep working your way backwards through the steps until your child has mastered them all and can put her shorts on for herself. At five years children can usually: dress without your help or supervision put on t-shirts or jumpers the right way each time.

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