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Student Spotlight

Iman Dhedhi - Interior Decoration Essentials 101 (Accelerator)

Why did you choose the Uocmas Design School?

After doing a lot of research, I chose to study at the Uocmas Design School. I was working in a very busy full time job and wasn't sure I would be able to commit to a long term course but I still wanted to come out with a good understanding of what I needed to kick start my career in Interiors. The course content included all the main subjects I was interested in and I particularly liked the connection the school had with the Enmore Design Institute. Initially I planned to do the evening course but I decided to take a week off work and do the accelerator course over 5.5 days. It was the best decision I made. Doing the course over consecutive days helped keep the momentum and I felt completely immersed in the world of interiors.


What did you get out of the course?

The course gave me a holistic view of the design process and principles. The lecturers were brilliant, all came with extensive experience and shared details on their recent projects with us. I made some great connections and have made an effort to keep in touch. Overall, the course gave me clarification that this was the path I wanted to pursue and I've never looked back! 

Tell us a little about you?

I've always had an interest in Interiors and prior to finishing school I planned to study Interior Design at university. A few people guided me towards a different direction and I ended up working in Human Resources. I've been in HR for 12 years now and have enjoyed every bit of it, although 17 years on I've discovered my passion again! My style has definitely evolved over the years but I've always being a lover of minimalism.


What do you do?

I started my business, Havenist, a few months before joining the Uocmas Design School. It began as a blog and it slowly evolved into an Interiors business offering Interior Design + Decoration, E-decoration moodboards, Property Styling and an online homewares store. 


Who inspires/excited you in the Interiors industry?

Over the last few years I've seen a huge shift towards interiors and focus on ones home. There's so much out there, encouraging and making it easy for people to be creative, it's great. The one designer who has inspired me recently is Simone Haag. I love her use of natural textiles, patterns and colours to bring warmth into her home. Her latest collaboration with Haymes Paint, her home with husband Rhys and baby Goldie, is amazing. There is so much depth to the home created with all the intricate decor she collected over the years.


How would you describe your personal style?

Minimalist with a touch of boho. I'm all about simplicity and have a few main pieces throughout my home incorporating eclectic decor I've collected from around the world, all while keeping to a neutral palette. I'm also drawn to Scandinavian and Japanese design. Saying that, I can easily adapt and incorporate my clients style to each project.


Your latest project?

My latest project was the edition of an online homewares store to Havenist. I carefully curated homewares from local and international makers to offer to my customers. This was an exciting project and one I launched with the help of my dear husband only a week after our wedding. The products I stock include items from Zakkia Homewares, LoveHate, Maker & Merchant and more.


What's next?

I would like to undertake more interiors projects over the year as well as adding more stock to my online store. Most importantly, I've been designing the nursery in preparation for my babies arrival in a few months.