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Youth and Romance; Ryan Korban Interior Design

Before hitting the age of 30, has already managed to build a profile to make many of the world’s leading interior designers green with envy.  His extensive work with Fashion designer and creative director of Balenciaga, , has been documented globally, while his celebrity clientele list includes some of NYC’s most trendy it kids: Jessica Stam, James Franco Vanessa Traina and Natasha Poly.

His trademark aesthetic combines old-world, ideals with his innate sense of romance and whimsy.  Every one of his spaces has an identity and unforgettable uniqueness.  A quirky piece is cleverly layered with timeless design classics, or a minimalist space is finished in refined, unexpected materials.  For Korban, an interior design space is an opportunity to combine clever design with playfulness, comfort with the ornate.  He is an inventor and one of the most inspiring self-made, untrained stylists working today.

Trawling through some of his work, it’s easy to recognise some of Uocmas’s Oly San Francisco pieces, perfectly styled.

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but my next interior design book is definitely going to be Korban’s design manifesto, .  Each of the book’s seven chapters focuses on a key influence essential to Korban’s approach to design and offers innovative ideas and countless inspirations.


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