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On Trends: Spots and Dots

The humble spot – a trend that’s been gaining momentum over the last year with surprising force.  And it’s one of my recent favourites. 

One of the most daring applications of the spot is a wallpaper tilted Tanzania by .  It makes a bold, glamorous statement in the home of  interior designer Tiffany Richey.  Paired with glittering gold accents and a classic black and white palette this space takes the simple spot to a whole new level.

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Now if spots en masse like this are a little too OTT for your home, there are plenty of other clever and stylish options to try.  I personally like a polka dot cushion or throw as an accent, or a clever dot artwork is a great way to create interest and add colour in a minimal way.

See below, I’ve collected some of my spotty inspirations.  Which do you prefer?

Beth F

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