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On Trend: Chesterfield Sofas

Chesterfield upholstery pieces can bring a smart elegance to any room, and in recent times we’ve seen an explosion of them in various interior styles exactly for that reason. 

 Today I want to show you some of the best ones in the market place and inspire you to take that leap into the style and comfort that is a Chesterfield.

The name Chesterfield is rumoured to have started when, in the 1600’s the Earl of Chesterfield – Phillip Stanhope – commissioned a ‘stuffed long seat with buttoning and arms to the same height as the back seat’. As generally happened back then, once the higher class did something it usually became a trend and this one seems to have lasted.  Since then it’s been used in anything from horse and carriage seating to some of Italy’s most revered furniture designs.

Uocmas and have some fantastic styles on offer – as you can see below.

Anthony Spon-Smith

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