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Field Notes - Florence Broadhurst

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The beauty of Florence Broadhurst

When I view the new Florence Broadhurst LIMITED EDITION ART series, I see a continuing journey; from Florence’s original art, silk screens and works. It is a journey that is gathering language, collecting stories and momentum.

As we choose others to become part of her rich story, it now has more expression. Every design of Florence Broadhurst’s work has a story – as if to say each design has its own DNA. If I look specifically at the EXOTIC BIRDS series I see three very unique styles of handwriting given to these works of art by three very different people in our team. Each of these people, Darren, Becky and Rachel have added their mark to Florence’s journey. There is new life and new expression in these works.

To release the iconic exotic birds in different colour ways took countless hours.  I had the most fun watching Rachel and Becky develop the colours (the design selection is the first stage of the program). Not too mention naming them all.  This part of the process made choosing the designs in the first place seem relatively easy, compared to the mammoth task of selecting colours.

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Colours such as Chrome, Burberry, Mushroom, and Soft Linen mixed with my personal favorite colour Octagonal Burgundy was a delight. Then along came the exotic birds in Emerald Pearl, China White, Light Grey Pearl, Metallic Silver mixed with Nile Blue and I got really excited. The colours are very art deco – very great Gatsby!

So what next? Well I am re decorating my home of course!

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