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The Allure Of Copper

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The Allure Of Copper

Copper is one of nature’s most beautiful materials and one of my favourite materials used in design today. Striking and industrial, it possesses a luster and shine like no other with an attractiveness that arises out of its propensity to patina. Copper brings a modern minimalism to any design. Throughout both the interior and exterior application of copper, few materials rival it’s allure in the world of interiors and design. Such a precious metal and a hot commodity, the scarcity of its use throughout design is often a result of its high cost.

As an old age material, it’s had a resurgence in design. Why has this material taken so long to become beautiful in design? Historically copper has been an important metal widely used in electrical, plumbing and other building applications. As well as performing utilitarian functions in pots & pans due to its high electrical conductivity traits. Now it has come to the forefront of design as an application that has bold design aesthetics. Not only in its newly installed form, but in its ability to age which brings life, depth and an ever changing dimension to a previously entrapped material. It’s now used as a striking exterior detail including roofs, water fountains, walls and ceilings. In addition it makes for a striking interior feature in living spaces and kitchens.

Below are a few of my favourite uses of this bold material used in design.

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