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Potted Bliss: Indoor Plants 101

I have been inspired recently to add something living to my interior design scheme – something green and sculptural, to add interest, height and balance to my living room. Here… Read More.


Botanical Inquiry

It’s no secret that art is the final layer in a beautifully curated home. I was privileged to recently celebrate the opening of Daniel Shipp‘s first solo exhibit, Botanical Inquiry and… Read More.


The Bohemian Home

This month I’m taking cues from the gypsies and the bohemians when it comes to styling my home. There is something irresistibly relaxing about a space layered with carefree style.… Read More.


Greening Out

I’m not a pot smoker, but I do envy their relaxed demeanour and chilled attitude – If you’re like me then I’ve got the solution. Green out the legal way… Read More.

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