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Summer on Trend; Taking Inspiration from Europe

Growing up on the French Riviera was an idyllic place to experience the importance of seasonal changes to interior design.

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Summer is the time to live outdoors, on the terrace or near the pool – to let the sun shine into your home.  It is the time for all European holiday homeowners to show off their inspired colour and style.

This last summer was probably the most colourful I have seen in Europe. Yellow is definitely the colour of the moment, while red, orange, teal, deep blue, coral and pink create instant summer in an interior.  These bright colours are introduced through rugs, cushions, side tables, occasional chairs and lamps.

In contrast, the overall colour palette of the interior is usually comprised of neutrals and greys which leaves those bright colours to really pop.

The other trend is the introduction of geometrical patterns and colour blocking in soft furnishings.

If you can’t stand colour and you have a neutral palette, this next trend is for you:

Introduce elements of nature into your home with wood, stones, shells, coral, iron and cane.  This will add character and texture to your decoration.

Below, are a selection of European summer interiors to help you get inspired.

Bon été!


Alexandra D

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