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Stylish Staircases

Ever since I was young, I’ve always had a fascination with beautiful staircases – I think it’s a Disney princess thing –that dramatic cliché moment of majestically entering a room via an elegant set of stairs.

The staircase should never just be a practical way to get from floor to floor in my opinion.  In many homes, it’s a key focal point dividing upstairs and down, and often is central to a home’s design.

Personally I love the look of a floating staircase in a contemporary home, where the stairs are lever attached to the wall instead of to each other – so they give the appearance of floating in space. 

Choosing the perfect railing the next step (pun intended).  I’ve been completely obsessed with the deco inspired rails that have been making an appearance in interiors lately.  Think elegant, bold straight lines that make a statement – finished in gold.

If you’re just simply looking for a staircase refresh that won’t break the bank or change the look of your home entirely, consider a creative carpet runner up the middle, or painting the stairs with contrasting tops or an ombre colour effect the whole way up.

Here are some of my favourite looks; a little inspiration for your Easter break…

Beth F

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