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Milan 2013: Best of Emerging Talent

One of my favourite things about attending Milan Design Week (apart from the obvious general fabulousness of it all) is discovering new talent and spot future design stars in the making. I am no trend forecaster, but there is that certain feeling I get when I see real potential in someone’s work.

For this reason, places like SaloneSatellite, Vanetura Lambrate and Spazio Rosanna Orladni amongst a few others, are super high up on my list of places to visit. Here are just a few of my favourites discovered this year.

01// Black Ceiling Suspended Lamp by , studio formed in 2008 by sisters Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer.

02// The Camerino Valet Stand by Joscha Brose and Matteo Fogale of . This product will be launched on the crowd funding platform Kickstarter with the aim to explore the influence of digital innovation in the User-Designer relationship.

03// Modified Coat Hanger by , young Seoul born graduate of Mechanical Engineering who now lives and works in Milan.

04// ECCO Chair by . The frame on these chairs is made from one piece of steel tube curved in one step. Also available in all white.

05// Giraffe Floor Lamp by Swiss design studio , established in 2010 by Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard. The designers are currently looking for a producer and a distributor.

06// Come as you Are bar cart form Admit One Gentleman collection by , design studio established in 2012 by artist and industrial designer .

07// El Santo Libre chair and footstool from the 2013 collection Admit One Gentleman by .

08// Spåna Cabinet by young Swedish designer . Made from Gotlandish pine, selected shingles from Norrland and limestone top from Slite stenhuggeri at Gotland 

Cleaved shingles of pine is a traditional technique for roofing.

09// Handmade rocking chairs by , a rocking chair factory, formed in Madrid in November 2011 by a Colombian-Caribbean coast artisan Rogelio, and designers Lys Villalba, Maria Mallo and Juanito Jones.

10// Banquette Seat by . The seat can either be used as shown, or as a low tea table with seat cushions for up to 4 people.

11// Embroidered Blue by Room Interior/ designers Keti Toloraia and Nata Janberidze. This bench seat form their latest collection represents designers personal identity and a mix of Georgian cultural origin and the Soviet Era.

12// Circus Sideboard by London-based .

13// Le bureau de Paolo by Sam Baron – Teak wood table, limited edition of 8 pieces.

14// Glass Collections by , Italian Design gallery which is now also a brand started up by Claudia Pignatale, young Italian architect from Rome.

15// Plièe Lanters by , a series of lanterns with metal white painted structure and covering in pleated fabric. The lampshades are ‘dressed’ on the metal structure, thanks to the elasticity of the fabric. Fabric types: Chevron, scale, rumble and classical; with cut / stitch edging and contrasting coloured cord.

16// Salad Ink by is a collection of porcelain tableware inspired by the world of plants; fruits and vegetables wet ink, assume the function of stamps, becoming almost fossil on the surface of the objects.

17// Carattere Tipografico is a kitchen ‘body type’ made from a single piece of marble for measuring correct amount of spaghetti (from one to four people). Designed by , Italian studio established in 2010 Laura Passalacqua, Francesco Taviani and Jacopo Volpi.

18// Rollware by Giulia Cosenza, Joanne Choueiri and Povilas Raskevicius from the Masters of Interior Architecture & Retail Design (MIARD) at Rotterdam’s . Photos © Willem de Kooning Academy & Piet Zwart Institute.


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