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Down Mexico Way: Coqui Coqui Tulum

If coconut trees and the white sand beaches of Tulum weren’t enough to lure you down Mexico-way, then brace yourself for this tiny slice of paradise –

Inspired by the wild surrounding jungle, strong local history and beauty of the Caribbean sea, was the first residence (of four) created by the team behind the perfumery of the same name.  Imagine diving into the ocean, surrounded by the scent of coconuts, strong tones of tropical wood and vanilla orchids, tobacco leaves, limes and orange blossoms.  That’s the essence of the Coqui Coqui perfume line – and the residence an extension of this obsession with the charm of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Drawing on a passion for history and local traditions, the design ethos of the building was influenced by the nearby Valladolid Francisican convert and the friar’s simple way of living and skilful craftsmanship.  It explores a contemporary yet rustic style, with design strongly rooted in the traditions of local architecture, nearby ruins of Tulum and the beauty of the Caribbean.


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