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Design Field Notes- Local Haunts- Jeremy Bull- Craig's Cheese ShopDesign Field Notes- Local Haunts- Jeremy Bull- East Leagues ClubDesign Field Notes- Local Haunts- Jeremy Bull- Akin CreativeDesign Field Notes- Local Haunts- Jeremy Bull- Deus ex MachinaDesign Field Notes- Local Haunts- Jeremy Bull- Deus ex Machina CafeDesign Field Notes- Local Haunts- Jeremy Bull- Nookie

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Sydney Local Haunts


The most extravagant exercise in smallness.  Literally a hole in a Cleveland Street wall with two milk crates out the front. Never overlook the usefulness of a carefully placed nook!

Craig’s cheese shop

My local and one of the most gorgeous little shopfronts around.  Feels a lot like being in the kitchen that I wish my grandma might have had. I remember walking past the window when Craig and Adrian were first fitting it out, peaking in to see these beautiful combinations of white marble, mosaic tiles and little pine shelves and rails. It’s been designed with a delicate and simple hand.

Deus ex Machina

I’m always inspired by the energy of the original Deus store. It draws such an eclectic crowd any day of the week and is always busy.  It’s one of those venues, which gets you with its simplicity and robustness. An honest fitout that makes it perfectly acceptable to share lunch with a complete stranger at one of the timber plank tables.  When I’m here I believe the hype.

East Leagues Club – Bistro One

Another exercise in scale. This place is extraordinarily big. Unfortunately for the Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club Italian I think they have really struggled without a shopfront. Decked out with thonet chairs, an acre of dark stained timber tabletops and back dropped by a few giant classic Italian images, it did not take long to fall in love with it’s charm. It often quite empty but sustains me with the right level of dimmer-switch, plenty of legroom and the reminder that bigger (and emptier) can sometimes be better.

Sydney, Australia

Jeremy Bull


Craig's Cheese Shop - Jeremy Bull

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