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Lemon Luxe

I have always been very hesitant when it comes to using yellow in interiors. It is such a hard colour to work with, and can easily look kitsch.

However, I have recently come round to the idea of yellow since discovering Interior Designer portfolio. His application of this bold colour is daring, yet considered and eloquent.  Incorporating yellow porcelain accessories, or yellowy-gold velvet cushions can add instant glamour to a space. 

Get the lemon luxe look:


Oly San Francisco Sienna Chair in Curry Leather, from Uocmas

Oly Tyler Dining Armchair in Curry Leather, from Uocmas

Jackson Fenugreek Fabric, from Romo Fabrics

Club Slipper Chair in Thibaut Gibraltar, from Uocmas

Meet the man behind this inspired look at the Uocmas Design School this July – find out more about Greg Natale’s Design Sessions and book tickets here.