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Japanese Wabi Sabi: Living in Perfect Imperfection

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that can be quite a challenge to define.  When applied to the field of interior design, I like to think of Wabi Sabi as the most serene of all styles.  It is a simple, modest and honest way of creating an interior space to celebrate the beautiful imperfections of our natural world.  

The natural materials used in a Wabi Sabi scheme are typically timber, stone, clay / porcelain and natural fibers.  Hand made pieces respect and honor the material from which it came, retaining the inherent finish and characteristics.  I love that this practice has the added bonus of keeping artisans and their skills alive.  Endless neutral shades from the natural colour palette emerge from these materials creating a unique and versatile scheme.  

Ideally, a Wabi Sabi lifestyle promotes a tidy, clean and simple space free from clutter (to which I am sure many of us aspire!).  All of these attributes come together to form what I believe is a space of true integrity.

As we are all becoming more aware of our impact on the environment and the effects of over-consumerism, Wabi Sabi is an ideal way to encourage appreciation of how to work with what we have and to make environmentally conscious decisions when purchasing new furnishings.  

I encourage you to feature the irregular, the unique, the organic shapes and the imperfectly perfect in your interior.


Alexandra D

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