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It’s All About The Rug

They say a rug can anchor and define your interior space; it’s the glue that holds it all together. One that I am loving right now for its bright, bold patterns is a collaboration between and ; ‘The Bellwood Rug’.

The collaboration between Bellwood & Tappeti began in 2D – with a Bellwood postcard collected from the Design Centre Enmore Graduate Exhibition in 2011. The partnership was an organic formation based on a few simple but important values both companies share; craftsmanship, quality and the ability to customise. Bellwood and the designers at Tappeti worked closely to transform 2D design into a 3D form and the results are ah-mazing!

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Tappeti is inspired by the opportunity to create exquisite pieces of textural sophistication. Their rugs have the power to transform spaces into places of depth, colour and emotion; they create a warmth like no other. Built to be loved, lived on and to last, a Tappeti rug is an investment in quality and joy.


Caitlan N

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