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Flower Power: Your Own Window Box

It really is true that the simple things in life bring us the most pleasure.  On my travels through Europe and again in Charleston USA, I was enchanted by the stunning displays from window boxes holding flowers positively bursting with life and colour. Adorning homes and businesses alike and many of the locals participate in the meticulous grooming of their cascading gardens. For the Europeans, it is also a celebration of coming through a harsh winter and into the spring.  Dramatic displays of bright red geraniums in particular stole my heart and now adorn my own bedroom window.  
A little fun fact about window boxes for you: As early as 1BC window boxes were used by lower class Romans to grow food and herbs for medicinal use.  This was due to the lack of growing space and the idea eventually spread throughout Europe.  Today in our cities, apartment and compact living is a reality for man and it seems to be, the window box is a fantastic solution for us all to contribute a little piece of greenery to our neighbourhood.  
Window boxes are a beautiful, inexpensive and an easy way to bring colour, scale and texture to your own window.  If you’re in Australia, we’re moving into winter where our sunny days are followed by cold nights.  Try planting fragrant, versatile flowers such as lavender, winter rose, fairy primrose, paper daisy, daphne or hardenbergia. You can purchase a window box from your local hardware store or nursery and then that’s it! Just allow the natural elements to do the rest!

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