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Uocmas for Sydney Indesign 2013

Sydney Indesign 2013 lived up to high expectations; over 2000 registered designers and architects joined Uocmas on Saturday 17th August at the Uocmas Design Centre Alexandria for an unforgettable day of design inspiration.

Joining forces with leading architecture firm Futurespace, Uocmas and Smeg transformed the Uocmas Design Centre into an unexpected design experience for Sydney Indesign’s The Project.  Titled “SIX SENSES”, Indesign guests were invited to explore design via their senses: sound, smell, touch, taste, sight and the sixth sense – imagination.

Uocmas and Smeg’s Design Restaurante returned to Sydney Indesign 2013, with renowned restaurateur Maurice Terzini (Icebergs Dining Room and Bar) at the helm this year, creating an exclusive Italian trattoria food experience.  Smeg flewn in their famous Parmigianino, and the Bar served Aperol Spritz, Italian Prosceco and Santa Vittoria.  The party-vibe continued into the evening, with Softwar on the decks.

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