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The pinnacle of the entertaining season is once again upon us, and one that I personally welcome. My love for hosting is rivalled only by my , and in this case they meet in perfect harmony. My number one accessory for the party season? The answer is unequivocally the. Two parts glamour and one part refinement, the Bart Cart of today takes cues from it’s historical past in high society and adds a  element to remain relevant in both  and modern urban interiors.

Nothing says glamour quite like a bar cart – connotations of fun, albeit in the most sophisticated manner, come to mind, along with suggestions of luxury and elegant indulgence. Etiquette and courtesy go without saying; a bar cart embodies the character of the perfect host.

Featuring an antiqued mirror surface, soft pastel finish and metallic accents, my  is an impeccable contender for best dressed at any party. Add to that an obliging disposition, and the Antibes creates both a functional and luxurious vignette.

Glamour certainly doesn’t go amiss in my , featuring mirror surface and gold accents, and they also provide for an ideal (or temporary) bar cart alternative. Style a tray with your favourite crystal glassware and beverage bottles on your sideboard or  for a makeshift beverage cart of the upmost style, providing the same etiquette and opulence the bar cart so courteously offers.

There’s no denying the debonair aesthetic a  provides, do be sure to share with me in the comments below your advice for hosting in style at home!

Max Sparrow

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