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Bang For Your Buck

Do you have that item in your wardrobe that just makes every outfit look a million dollars…? It could be a beautiful piece of jewelry, or that pair of shoes. Throw it on with an old T-Shirt and a pair of jeans and boom – you look like a movie star on their day off.

The same is true with interiors. Some pieces just give you bang for your buck. Search them out, fall in love with them and spend. You’ll end up paying less because you’ll only need a few pieces in the room and ‘bang’ everything else looks amazing.

No need to go and buy lots of stuff, more to the point, lots of expensive stuff. Investing in a few good items ensures that instead of having many pieces you ‘like’ you have a few pieces you ‘love’. The result: Your home looking like that movie star… and some money in your back pocket for that piece of jewelry…


Sydney, Australia

Anthony Spon-Smith

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