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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

About Tanya Dobble

Tanya is an Interior Designer & Part Time Teacher with a passion for all things design & illustration.

Having completed a BA in Fashion & Textile Design, Tanya established her own successful fashion label & retail outlet in Paddington before venturing into the world of Interiors. Further study at Design Centre Enmore gained her an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design & she has since worked across a broad range of sectors including commercial, residential, institutional, hospitality & retail areas.  Tanya manages her own design company ‘Tanya Dobble’ which focuses on sustainable interior design, is a professional member of the Design Institute of Australia.

Form in Motion: Dame Zaha Hadid

This phenomenal lady would have to be one of my all time favourite architects. While her unique work has been described as ”frozen movement” and “form in motion”, Hadid herself… Read More.

Tanya Dobble
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