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About Jeremy Bull

Jeremy Director of one of Australia’s most up and coming architect and Interior Design firms - Alexander and Co.

What’s On: Alexander & Co

Alexander & Co (the Sydney based Architecture and Interior Design company I established in 2013) has had an exciting 2014 so far. Most recently we were honored at the Belle… Read More.

Jeremy Bull

The Sunset Room: The Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel

I’d like to share a recent project from the team here at Alexander and Co – the Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel Sunset Room.  Perched on the beautiful West facing Watson’s… Read More.

Jeremy Bull

Queens Park Terrace Home by Alexander and Co

Embarking on the complete renovation of my own home was one of my most exciting projects to date.  My partner Tess and I have two young children, with one on… Read More.

Jeremy Bull

Sitting Pretty

There is something hopelessly beautiful about sitting in something born from utility but made with love, consideration and passion. In many ways the chair distils this best. Here is my… Read More.

Sydney, Australia

Jeremy Bull

Sydney Local Haunts

Nookie The most extravagant exercise in smallness.  Literally a hole in a Cleveland Street wall with two milk crates out the front. Never overlook the usefulness of a carefully placed… Read More.

Sydney, Australia

Jeremy Bull

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