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About Jase

Jase Campbell has home renovations, creativity and all things interiors running in his blood. As an interior designer, he’s always thirsty for new inspiration. “At any one time I’ll have a range of projects scattered across my study, from art, photography through to furniture reinvention, along with a constant back log of ideas ready to go. My home is forever evolving as not a month goes by without me re-inventing it. A true perfectionist with an eclectic edge, Jase has a drive to balance organized clutter with the beauty of symmetry, scale and balance.

The Perforated House, Brunswick

The Perforated House by Kavellaris Urban Design is a home unlike any other you’ve seen. A modern residence in Melbourne’s Brunswick with a striking façade of printed perforated steel. A piece of architecture… Read More.


The Nelson, St Kilda

The bayside surroundings of St Kilda in Melbourne, provide the inspiration for the latest project from Techne Architects – The Nelson. Already a hit with locals (myself included), The Nelson is where you… Read More.


Divine Equine: Horse-inspired interiors

Equine style is no longer just reserved for the buxom ranches of Texas.  Whether brash and thematic or subtle and suggestive, the ways in which horses can liven up a… Read More.


Renter’s Style: Reinventing the Study

What does your study say about you? If I’m getting the grand tour of a home, study spaces captivate my attention the most. I feel like I’m getting a special… Read More.


Windsor Wonderland: Melbourne’s Vintage Market Secrets

So you collect all things vintage? Dabble with mixing old and new? Can’t get enough of a bygone era? And above all, love a bargain?  Then make sure the next… Read More.


High Drama Homewares by Jean Paul Gaultier

Internationally renowned fashion and fragrance icon Jean Paul Gaultier has teamed up with French fabric house Lelie’vre on an adventurous collection of fabrics and accessories for the home that live… Read More.


Hidden Treasure: David Bromley's Studio Auction

Ok, indulge me for just a minute; imagine that they had been able to pull the Titanic out of the depths of the sea 50 years after it sunk. Now… Read More.