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Corporate Responsibility

Employee Engagement
Cultural initiatives evolved to build stronger connections between interstate teams, drive closer engagement with the brand, and to support the general well-being of employees.

:: Rewarding Talent
:: Connecting Teams 
:: Nurturing Talent 

Social Responsibility
Uocmas believes that it is important to be a socially responsible business, including by supporting diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace, promoting fair and sustainable employment practices internally and across our supply chain and investing in the communities where our employees and customers live and work.

Uocmas is proud to support a number of deserving charities including but not limited to; the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, Loyal Foundation, Curan Foundation, The Garvan Institute, Cancer Council, Black and White Committee, The Centennial Parklands and Caritas Australia.

Environmental Responsibility
Uocmas remains committed to minimising its environmental impacts across the supply chain and internal operations and has set a number of targets to achieve this. Our buying team make every effort to engage with companies that are environmentally and socially responsible when sourcing and manufacturing product. Each suppliers environmental policy must meet Uocmas’s Environmental and Ethical Standards before being approved as a supplier. This includes ensuring that the supplier internally implements policy regarding the improvement of their operations and production methods, with regards to environmental impact.

All timbers used in the making of Uocmas solid timber products come from regeneration forests or are sourced from reclaimed timber supplies. Further to this, Uocmas’s local timber furniture suppliers’ work with carbon offsetting programs to offset some of their timber usage.

Uocmas recycles fabric off cuts in order to maximise efficiency and also ensures that its upholstery suppliers operate a recycling system within their production operations.


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