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Of course, it is possible that for some reason the Kankers dug under the trailer to hide the wishbones and came up with Eddy's Brother's treasure, and that Eddy's Brother lived in the Kankers' Trailer for a brief period after he moved out of the house especially as he still lives in a trailer.

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The Kankers have also appeared in all three holiday specials.

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Additionally, in " O-Ed Eleven ," it was revealed that Eddy's Brother's treasure map led to their trailer, making their presence in the neighborhood even more of a mystery.

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The Kanker Sisters

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The Kankers debuted in the second episode, " Nagged to Ed ," where they found the Eds in the woods on a hunt for bugs at Edd 's behest.

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This is significant both because they actually backed down from a fight, even though earlier on they would have actually enjoyed this, and also because as they left Edd actually looked somewhat sorry to see them go.

Description: While " Run for your Ed " showcases their sheer destructive ability as mentioned above , they are still bullies at heart.

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