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Your horoscope can offer a fun and exciting peek into your romantic future. There are horoscopes out there for teens that predict dating success, if he's likely to call, whether you should kiss him, or whether you should just ask someone else to the dance. All you have to do is find your sign and find out which signs are compatible with yours.

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When my kids were adorable newborns, I didn't give much thought to what they were going to be like in 13 years or so. Truth to tell, there were days I wondered whether they'd ever get out of diapers. But lo and behold, they're both in their teens now, and I realize that maybe I should have been paying more attention to their astrological profiles.

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Taurus is a thorough and serious person, focused on his own affairs. A quiet, silent boy does not cause inconvenience to parents, the surrounding people note his calm disposition. He feels a strong confidence in his abilities.

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You're feeling kind of quiet and maybe even timid right now, so just sync yourself up with the You feel great and ready to take on whatever or whomever comes your way. If you've been looking

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Adolescence is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood, it usually occurs between the ages of 11 and 18 years. This period is marked by considerable physical and mental changes. Frequent mood swings and feeling of over-sensitivity are common, as they come to terms with the changes they are going through.

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They come out from under their Crab shell to play and dance in this reality but will scurry back into the safety of its shadows at the tiniest hint of discord. Not overly social, your little one is content with a good book or movie over the company of others. The Cancerian child is really difficult to get a read on.

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Boy :The Cancer lad is very emotional and apt to mood swings. He often takes offence when none is intended. He is family oriented and a deeply caring person.

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There are 12 Zodiac Signs, which are believed to be star-constellations in the sky. Each sign has different mythological stories connected to it, and each one represents a prime energy of consciousness. Each of the 12 zodiac signs belongs to one of the four elements — Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

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Welcome to the cosmos, astro babes. The year dawns tough and tender with taskmaster Saturn settling into the badass boardroom boss sign of Capricorn for the next 3 years. This majestic transit asks us to put our money where our mouths are, and to face up to the reality of our lives in order to start to change it.

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It's interesting to think about how different high school was for us compared to what we have always seen on TV and in movies. IRL, it can be a seriously tough time full of homework that we don't really want to do, friends that we wish would be nicer to us, and guys that we wish would notice us or at least say hi every once in a while In the movies and on television, it seems like a much more enjoyable four years. There is always the opportunity for fun, romance, and friendship that will definitely last.


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