How to maximize pleasure while masterbating

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A good jack-off falls somewhere between agony and prayer. In the shower, I make the same face Mary makes in Bernini sculptures. Some people consider masturbation a second-tier sexual experience.

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If it's been eons—or ever—since you touched yourself, cancel your plans tonight and follow these 12 steps to better masturbation. Okay, most of us have touched ourselves before, even if just tentatively in the shower during that period of teenage exploration. But plenty of women have never actually reached a full O on their own.

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Masturbating gets old when you do the same routine over and over. Even if you're a masturbation prothere are still ways to spruce up your technique and really learn how to masturbate. Like having sexthere are many ways to masturbate and adding new things to your usual menu of choices is a great way to keep things exciting.

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Powered by WordPress. The Well I feel stressed often and use masturbation as a way to relieve it. How can I get over this?

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One of the best things about masturbation is that there's no "wrong" or "right" way to do it: as long as it feels good and helps you feel sexually connected to yourself, it doesn't really matter how you choose to masturbate. But even if you feel like you know exactly what works for you already, that doesn't mean you can't still improve the way you masturbate. Taking the time to learn how to masturbate to have stronger orgasms is a super valuable skill that can seriously improve your sex lifeboth solo and with a partner.

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Self-pleasure is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Whether you have a partner or not, spending some time enjoying yourself has tons of benefits. Not only does masturbation make you feel good and help relieve stress, but it also can get you in touch with the pleasure zones in your body — and lead to way more pleasurable sex with a partner.

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Chastity is not a foreign concept to me. More than once I've been in a relationship where, because I and the other person were heavily into starving ourselves of sex for sexual reasons, abstinence was enforced. The longest I went was about three weeks, meaning no sex and no masturbation—and therefore no orgasms—for 21 days.

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Most men learn to masturbate quickly and quietly, as testosterone-loaded adolescents worried about parents or siblings walking in and disturbing their personal time. And those secretive, fast-and-furious habits can spill into adulthood, says Emily Morse, a sex expert and host of the popular podcast Sex with Emily. Are you missing out on moves that could make your orgasms even more pleasurable?

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Some people may have heard that masturbating before sex can desensitize the penis and make males "last longer. Masturbating before sex can also be enjoyable foreplay. It may help a person become both physically and mentally turned on before sex.

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Learning how to pleasure yourself and understanding your body cannot only make you more confident in the bedroom but it can also allow you to give your partner clearer directions on what you need to get truly satisfied. Stimulating the vagina or penis with your hand is a great way to learn what arouses you and ensure you get the most from your love making sessions. Touching yourself during love making can enhance pleasure with your partner, while getting them to take the reins, will give you a whole new experience to enjoy.


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